1 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi


Pershing Yachts has launched its 72" luxury cruising yacht. A sleek profile one step ahead style and an undeniable vocation for socializing. A design that enhances interior light and a taste for classic curves. The most highly advanced technology ensures every moment onboard is extra special.

Alstom Marine Kogo is one of the best charter luxury yachts ruling the oceans since 1984. This luxury yacht stretching over 71.7m (235.3ft) was the largest cruise on the waters until 2006, before the RMS Queen Mary 2 was ultimately launched. .
Amels Yacht Lady in Blue takes you on a breath taking experience amidst the gentle kisses of the waves, far from the human noise. The luxurious bounty on board, wraps your short trip into a magnificent dream venture. This is a motor yacht charter with a fabulous blend of luxury and comfort.

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