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ABD’deki Cesars-Sinai Sağlık Merkezi’nin araştırmasına göre, kızılcık suyu kalp sağlığını olumlu yönde etkiliyor. C vitamini yönünden son derece zengin olan kızılcık suyu ayrıca, dişlerin çürümesini ve plak oluşumunu da engelliyor.

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Dakota Ultrasonics

We are a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment most commonly used in the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and other generally related industries. The pages that follow will provide you with general information regarding our products. If you have any questions, need technical support, or have a request for custom items, please contact us at your leisure using the information provided on this site.

Our products are commonly used to determine the thickness of a variety of materials by making contact with only one side of the material being tested. They have the ability to detect very fine pits, flaws, and porosity in materials without having to destroy the material or parts being tested. This is done by converting the transit time of a sound wave, sent into and reflecting back from a defect or opposite surface in the test material, into a length measurement. This technique uses principles similar to that of sonar.

We also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very accurately measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners. These products are typically used in critical bolting applications where extreme accuracy is needed. If you have any specific or specialized bolting applications in mind, be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.