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iComply forges ahead with the Australian Logistics Council

iComply announced today that the company had been appointed by the Australian Logistics Council as one of four compliance firms authorised to conduct audits against the ALC Retail Logistics Code of Conduct.

This appointment recognises iComply's professional accreditations, and its specialised experience in the transport industry.

The ALC Retail Logistics Code of Conduct was established in November 2006 by the Australian Logistics Council and key players within the transport and logistics industry.

The ten point Code of Conduct establishes a clear set of principles for freight logistics, involving the retailer, supplier, carrier and logistics provider, allowing the industry to respond in a coordinated way to help all involved across the retail supply chain operate under a national set of retail logistics supply chain industry standards.

Every transport business wishing to supply to the retail industry must adhere to the Code and undertake annual audits.
What we do

iComply is a leading provider of compliance audit software and compliance audit services to the public and private sector. Continually awarded for its innovation in software development, iComply combines technical excellence with over 50 years of professional experience to implement the best audit, compliance and risk management solutions for businesses worldwide.
Our background

iComply was formed in 2003 with the joining of two successful boutique compliance companies. The partnership brought together a unique combination of specialist audit services and state-of-the-art audit software to address the ever increasing regulations and legislation facing businesses today.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, iComply is now one of the world’s leading compliance consultancies with a team of highly qualified and accredited personnel. Recognised by Microsoft and the international software industry for their innovative solutions, iComply’s compliance software products and compliance audit services have become integral to the success of public and private organisations across the globe.
Our clients

iComply’s prestigious international client list speaks for itself. Ranging from multi-national corporations, government organisations and small cutting-edge businesses, our clients reflect the quality, flexibility and value of our services.

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