24 Ekim 2010 Pazar

If golf had No Rules...........

we ask manufacturers what they might make....

600cc drivers
Want to hit more fairways than Fred Funk?? How about a 600cc centre-shafted driver with a face 80mm tall and 125mm wide?The COR would be 0.922 and the moment of inertia 7,200 (well above the limits of 0.830 and 5,900) . Moveable parts would be plentiful too. though the R&A has already decided to allow for a greater freedom with moveable weight ( see separate story, below) no rules at all might mean an adjustable face-angle driver whose loft could easily be changed between holes.

The ball
Generally speaking ,a yard can be gained for every 0.01 inch the ball,s diameter is reduced. Decreasing the diameter from 1.68 inches to 1.62 , for example would yield six yards. Heavier would work ,too with about a yard tacked on every half a gramme added . In other words,if the ball is beefed up two grams it should deliver an additional four yards (heavier than that might be counterproductive).  Want more  distance? Boost the ball velocity a bit over the limit. As with most good ideas, there are trade-offs: such a ball ,for example would only benefit someone at a high speed ,and the only reward would be distance ,not playability.

There are no shortage of ideas on how to get the ball into the hole more easily ,too. One propose o putter shaft that is rectangular in cross-section . Such a club would bend easily in the direction of the putt, but very little in the 'droop' direction . This would provide a putter that could be held against the left wrist would be rigid, So the toe could never overtake the heel. The entire stroke and non symmetrical shaft would provide the action , allowing the head to remain in line . Another thought is to build a putter head that is longer front to back than it is from toe to heel . The benefit of this design is it's easier to aim.

Pop a training grip on the putter (or any club) to ensure the same position everytime. such a grip would especially help in pressure situtions , where the grip has a tendency to change..

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