24 Ekim 2010 Pazar

How golf is saving the world

Every day there's a story on the news about looming environmental catastrophe for planet earth-so it's good to know you can do your bit as a golfer. Never one to miss an opportunity, companies are now making green alternatives to traditional golf gear including buggies,tees and shoes...

Solar Powered Buggy
The Sunray is part sun, part battery powered .Perfect  for New Mexico, not so good in crewe.

Recyclable shoes
Hi-Tec has unveiled the world's first environmentally friend golf shoe,the Enviro. Featuring organic vegetable tanned chrome-free leather ,outsoles sockliner , the Enviro is 99 per cent green. The offending one per cent is the spike receptacle.

Biodegradable Tess
Every year billions of wooden and plastic tees are left on courses all over the world. Eco tees are made from'a blend of composite materials and natural additives derived from corn ,that break down the properties of composite overtime.

Recycled pithmark repaires
Old CD cases are melted down to make these snazzy pitchmark repairers,Now we know happened to Victoria Beckham's singing career.

Biodegradable balls
Popular on cruise ships ,these balls are made from water-soluble polymer that has no ill effect on the environtment .Once the ball is dissolved in water, it turns to carbon dioxide and water.

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